How much do classes cost?

Please see class schedule for locations, times and cost

How long are the classes required to obtain my real estate license?

Day classes take 6 days for Pre-License course and 3 days for Practice Course. Night classes are 8 evening classes and 2 Saturday classes for Pre-License and 4 evenings and 1 Saturday for the Practice Course.

Where do I take my exam?

Missouri: http://www.goamp.com/Pages/default.aspx

Missouri: http://pr.mo.gov/boards/realestate/Examination_and_Licensure_Eligibility_Requirements.pdf

Kansas: You will receive a fingerprint card once you pass the exam.  An authorized entity must take the fingerprints of the applicant. The applicant may go to a local police department, county sheriff’s office or the Topeka KBI office to be fingerprinted. An appointment may be necessary and a fee may be required. When you make your appointment to be fingerprinted, ask what type of identification is required. If fingerprints are rejected by the KBI or FBI because of poor quality or improper completion, a new fingerprint card will be required and another fee may be required.

What are the continuing education requirements to keep my license current?

Missouri: 12 hours, 3 of which need to be a Core class. http://pr.mo.gov/realestate-ceu-requirements.asp

Kansas: 12 hours, 3 of which need to be a Core class.  http://www.kansas.gov/krec/ce_prov.html

What are the start up/1st year costs?

          -license fee: http://pr.mo.gov/boards/realestate/fees.pdf
         -license fee: http://www.kansas.gov/krec/license.html
Both states:
  -Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors dues, multiple listing service & lockbox key fees:  http://www.kcrar.com/join

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